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Yes, you may.

You may head over to the following URL to claim your free 45 minute complementary session:

Congratulations on being selected to be interviewed that is the first step. It is a known fact that the first impressions shape the outcome of the interview. So the “big statement” is made when you make contact with the person interviewing you.  Eye contact, a smile and a greeting accompanied with a hand shake.

Arriving at an interview stressed takes you off your game so there are a few tips that will make a big difference. Plan the hours before your interview, working backwards and allowing extra time for the unexpected. Review your plans for the days prior to the interview and ask yourself will that support me or leave me stressed. Good Luck!

It is encouraging that you have the vision to progress in your career. There may be something missing from your qualifications, or your skill set. Sometimes a sidewards move can strengthen your experience, which will support your move upwards faster, seek guidance as you progress these steps of your career journey up the corporate ladder.

Please do not feel bad, you are not the only one. Many people don’t know what they want to do. Using profiling tools you can identify the types of careers that your personality type would be suited to. With a coach you can drill down further and discover a career that you will love. 

The types of jobs you are selecting are ones which do not use your strengths or your passions. When you enjoy doing something it gives you energy and the more you do it the more energy you get. Your strengths have you win and succeed. Understanding how we are wired is so important. To do this accurately, have a professional use profiling tools to advise you.

It is good that you can see this and there are literally many things you can do when you reach this point. The most important piece of coaching would be to seek guidance before you do anything, and don’t do nothing. When you do nothing, you become stuck, and cannot move forward in your career. If you are proactive you will have reinvented yourself and considered alternatives. People who are stuck in their careers often get strategically moved out of the company. 

By nature parents are concerned about our futures. Often they want to reflect their areas of success on to us, as that has worked for them. It can be useful to get someone else to champion your career direction.

This is a great observation and because you are so different, so are the courses you will want to study. Guidelines for your course selection and career choice come from your personality type which defines what you are passionate about.

  • Know as much as possible about yourself though profiling
  • A career path that can evolve with training and development
  • Have a strong personal brand

There can be many reasons why someone does not get on with the boss.  Throughout ones career this can happen and it can be a very difficult situation to be in.  You can have some control over it by finding the “gold in your boss”, or looking for what they are great at and working with that to bridge the gap between the two of you.

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