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International Business Etiquette Seminar

In our challenging world, businesses are becoming more global. It is important to understand cultural differences, customs, business etiquette and taboos when dealing with people from other countries. A seemingly minor cultural mistake can prove costly to your success of working here in Australia and overseas. Did you know that in some countries:

  • It is not socially acceptable to touch someone?
  • There is a protocol for passing business cards?
  • Not tipping can be considered offensive?

Discover all of this and more, and lead yourself or your company to international success with one of NOW's insightful seminars.

"Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot" - Clarence Thomas

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Budgeting Seminar 

A budget is beneficial for everyone regardless of age, gender, income or assets. Financially successful people live by planning and managing their finances. Budgeting does not have to restrict your lifestyle and will make a huge difference to your future financial status. Using a simple and effective methodology we will work with you to develop a personalised budget tailored for your lifestyle, income and financial goals.

"He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough." - Lao Tsu

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Penultimate Beauty Seminar

Beauty comes from within, with your lifestyle and diet impacting on your external appearance. It can be easy to neglect these things in today’s cosmopolitan lifestyle where time is money and we never seem to find enough hours in the day. However, living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t take much each day. A healthy body and mind can make such a difference to leading a fulfilled life with a successful career and happy personal life .

After attending one of NOW’s seminars, not only will you look great, you will be healthier, have more energy and be more productive at work.

"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart" - Khalil Jibran

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A mother's testimonial

Poh Testimonial

"My Gen Y daughter started her own fashion label about 4 years ago and was stuck in a rut not knowing how to move it forward. Whilst she is very good in drawing and design, she lacked skills in production and marketing. Seeing Lynne had made a considerable difference almost from day 1. The profiling helped identify her strengths and weaknesses. It gave her new confidence to know what her considerable strengths were. Lynne then set about giving her strategies to deal with her weaknesses. We have seen her go from not knowing how to negotiate the practical steps ahead, to now, 3years on, working in her own studio, having overseen production in China and now in Australia, with both local and international stockists. Her foray into Paris and New York trade shows leading to more international enquiries from interested buyers.

She has worked hard and learnt so much on the way, all the time with Lynne's steering and encouragement. For this we are very grateful." - Poh 

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"I would highly recommend Now Professional Coaching to other young people looking for a job out of University. Lynne was a dedicated mentor, who helped to identify my strengths, use my weaknesses to my advantage, and greatly improve my interview technique. With Lynne's help, I was able to secure a position on the graduate program of a large multinational company, as one of 12 people selected from more than 1200 applicants. I am very grateful to Now Professional Coaching for unequivocally enhancing my employability prospects." - Richard

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I’ve up'ed my game by working with Lynne


"No one understands the need for a coach better than another coach. And no one understands the need for a mentor coach better than an experienced coach. In working with Lynne these past few years I've recognized my true gifts as a coach and have put the clarity I've achieved to expanding my business.

I've up'ed my game by working with Lynne.

Her incisive, intuitive, and challenging coaching is done with heart and has helped me recognize and grow into who I am. Thanks Lynne!" - Milton, Executive Coach

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"I have been working with Lynne for just over 2 years and I can't speak highly enough of all the support and guidance received which has been truly invaluable. I am really happy with the assistance so far and the continued work Lynne and I continue to collaborate on. I feel reassured and comfortable working closely with now professional coaching and Lynne especially. She is very professional, friendly and a good listener and has allowed me to further develop my goals within my personal and working life as well as build upon my career and aspirations." - P.T. Psychologist

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"Lynne brings a unique combination of coaching, real-world corporate experience and insight to her executive coaching. Her coaching regarding strengths is a must for people considering career changes." - GL, Medical Practitioner

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Now life begins...

"Lynne you gave me the best gift anyone could give another person You believed in me, at this the toughest time in my life Now Professional Coaching's program provided that support.

Now life begins.." 

- M.R. Project Manager

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As I was reading your website and reflecting on my own coaching practice my thoughts turned to your use of the word reinvention. As I pondered I thought of all my clients who have gone on to achieve remarkable goals by leveraging the power of coaching. But, how does it start? Lynne, how does your reinvention process begin? What are the stages? What are some of the challenges clients can expect as they reinvent themselves?

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